For viewers of a certain age, “Goosebumps” scores a 10

Jack Black is at the center of some scary situations in

Jack Black is at the center of some scary situations in "Goosebumps".

Splash photo Hopper Stone/Sony

Splash photo Hopper Stone/Sony

Jack Black is at the center of some scary situations in "Goosebumps".

CRYSTAL Y., Watertown Splash staff

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    If you are a kid, somewhere around 10 years old, who enjoys a good laugh, a little scare, and suspense, “Goosebumps” is the perfect movie for you.

    This movie is related to the books by R.L Stine. The “Goosebumps” movie is about a boy named Zach, a teenager in high school who just moved into a new neighborhood because his mom had become a principal at the school there. Upon his arrival, he was surprised to see a girl named Hannah. She was very welcoming, but her dad not so much. The dad immediately told him to stay away from him, their house across the street, and his daughter.

    After a while, Zach started suspected something was going on in the house. Instead of going to Homecoming dance, he decided to go with his friend Champ into Hannah’s house. They walked inside and were greeted buy a whole stand of “Goosebumps” books. But they were all locked.

    In their curious nature they found the key, and unlocked one of the books. Hannah showed up and screamed in horror. She said not to open the book, but it was too late. By that time the horror already begun.

    For kids around 10 years old, this movie has a good sense of comedy and of mystery. Every minute of the movie they will either be laughing or waiting for what comes next. The mix will keep them on their feet, and the suspense will keep building up until BAM!, the surprise of a lifetime happens.

   However, if you are a teenager looking for a scare, or a little child looking for a funny movie with no scare, this is not the movie for you.

   As a teenager, I did not get a feeling of horror in any part of the movie. I got a little bit bored when a “scary” part came up. I also think this movie should either be mystery, horror, comedy, or romance. It can’t be all four. It would have been much better if the filmmakers stuck to one thing, and not gone back and forth. I got tired of waiting for a funny part, scary part, mysterious part, or romantic part. It just took too long for that.

    This movie has beautiful graphics, a turn of of events, and it’s original and different. It has a bit of romance, a lot of bad guys looking for revenge, and people who are trying to save the day.

    For the 10-year-old crowd, it’s a hit. For teenagers and older, I would give this movie a 7.5 out of 10. It needs more scare and to focus on one thing, not try to juggle everything at the same time.

–Oct. 16, 2015–

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One Response to “For viewers of a certain age, “Goosebumps” scores a 10”

  1. Alexander on October 19th, 2015 9:51 am

    I agree I had recently watched the movie and thought it was ok but it got crazy when it started switching between genres I thought it was going to be a comedy movie but kind of mocking the goose bumps scare factor so yeah I agree.


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For viewers of a certain age, “Goosebumps” scores a 10