Wachusett Mountain climb will wait until spring

Watertown Middle School eighth-grade trip postponed by more bad weather

CATHERINE H., Watertown Splash staff

Field trips. A break from the mundane hum of regular school. A chance to go places, near and far (well … mostly near) with your fellow classmates to learn from the world around you. Sometimes classes go see movies, museums, historic sites, or nature reserves.

It just so happens that the entire eighth grade from Watertown Middle School was going to go on a field trip on Thursday, Oct. 23. The trip was postponed once already, but weather was not looking good, so the eighth-graders will hopefully go hiking in the spring.

Look out, Wachusett Mountain!

Soon after the beginning of school on the day of the trip, buses will take eighth-grade students and teachers to the base of Mount Wachusett in Princeton, Mass. The students will be partnered up and chaperoned by teachers, and hey will climb the mountain to the summit, 2,006 feet high.

“The field trip is kind of a ‘kickoff’ to the new advisory program,” said Mr. Duffy, one of the head coordinators of the trip.

The focus will be teamwork and setting goals, according to Mr. Duffy. The trails taken up the mountain will be the Bicentennial Trail to Pine Hill. On the way down, it will be the Mountain House Trail.

Overall, the students’ attitude toward the trip is good.

“It’ll be fun,” said Boton K, from the table in the corner of the cluster five hallway. “I’ve never done something like this with the school before.”

His classmates, Ahmed D, Aria A, and Jorge B nodded in agreement.

“I guess I’m excited. I don’t know what the mountain looks like, so I’m excited to go climb it and see some birds and animals,” said Ashley M.

Because hiking is a strenuous activity, everyone should be sure to bring enough water (Gatorade does not count!) and a bagged lunch. Because of New England’s unpredictable weather, it would be a good idea to pack raincoats and sweatshirts. Shoes should be comfortable, like sneakers or hiking shoes. The students should be prepared to have fun, challenge themselves, and set goals as they climb the beautiful, green, Wachusett Mountain.

–Nov. 3, 2014–