A story everyone has grow up on

Peter Pan Jr. will be next school play at Watertown Middle School


    Bored of the same old plays? Well now the Watertown Middle School will be bringing Peter Pan Jr.

    Peter Pan is about a young girl named Wendy who tells stories of Peter Pan to her younger brothers. Wendy is told by her parents to stop telling the story to her brothers in order for her to grow up.

   Instead, Wendy and her siblings are led by Peter to Never Never Land, a place where kids never grow up. There they have thrilling adventures and fight off evil Captain Hook and his crew.

    This play was chosen to put on because it has never been showed at the WMS before.

    “I like to offer different shows that schools have not necessarily done before” said Ms. Casey.

   Along with a different show, this play will be very different than other plays Ms. Casey has produced before, she said. For example, there will be more actors and the setup will be very different, in terms of how the setting will be incorporated into the stage.

    Peter Pan Jr. auditions were held by Ms. Casey on Oct. 29-30 from 2:15-3:45 p.m. The auditions were held in the chorus room.

    “Being at the auditions was exciting,’’ said Renata D, an eighth-grade student. “I could feel everyone being nervous about whether or not they were getting the part.”

    People were scanning their lines and some were pacing around in circles. Others were singing under their breath. Ms. Casey was pulling kids aside in groups of four to determine who would be who.

    “I’m looking for talented and dedicated students who take their parts seriously,’’ she said. “There is an old saying that ‘There are no small parts, only small actors.’ I’m looking for the biggest and brightest to fill each role in the show.”

—Jan. 8, 2015–