Quiet on the set!

Video production class at Watertown Middle School gets close up to the big screen


Video production is an enrichment class taught by Sam Morris. The students are currently working on two movies, and are making them in the Watertown Middle School library.

There were lights set up and a projector screen. It looked like an actual movie set.

The students are using the Apple desktop computers and iMovie HD as editing software. The students learned this from Ms. Morris, although some of them already knew how to do this. She also taught the camera people about camera angles.

There are many different roles in the prduction, including writers, editors, camera people, and directors.

One movie is called “Lockdown” and is about a man going crazy.

“This movie is going to be awesome,” said Austin L., one of the students in the class.

The other movie, also fictional, is Mr. Oates getting arrested. It is temporarily called “Teacher Bully”.

Some people included in the movie are Brian D. (director of photography and actor), Austin L. (a bully), and Leo L. (a bystander and film editor).

The students said that they are going to have a premiere at the Arsenal Mall, but the date is still to be set.

–March 5, 2010–