Cafeteria punishment becomes food for thought


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Five months later, and things are looking a lot better.

A food fight took place Monday, Oct. 19, during seventh-grade lunch at Watertown Middle School. The food fight was caused by two people (who will not be named), but many of the other students cheered them on. Students started screaming, yelling, and clapping.

WMS assistant principal Jason Del Porto and principal Kimo Carter said they were disappointed with the food fight and assigned seats for the seventh-graders during lunch. Mr. DelPorto, who was not in the cafeteria during the event, told the seventh grade that the seats would be like that for a while, but that the students can earn them back in time.

A short time later, when reporters from the Watertown Splash asked him if things were looking good for the seventh grade, he said, “I think so, but it’s all up to the seventh grade, and I think they have the ability to earn back everything if they choose to.”

Not many were pleased with this idea.

Elest R. said, “I think it’s an absolute disgrace.”

Some students were not bothered that much. Seventh-grader Catherine M. said, “I think it’s OK, ’cause you get to know new people. But you’re deprived from your friends and from what you usually do at lunch, which stinks!”

In a later interview, Mr. Del Porto was asked for an update on the students’ behavior in the cafeteria.

“Things are looking better,” Del Porto said recently. “I think the desire to be able to sit where they want is causing them to behave better.”

–March 12, 2010–

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Cafeteria punishment becomes food for thought