Splash of Flavor 2015: Belgian Waffles at The Diner at 11 North Beacon St.

LAKSHMI T., Watertown Splash staff

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Go to The Diner at 11 North Beacon St. in Watertown Square, and get the Belgian waffles.

The Diner is a small town diner with a cozy feel to it. It is also one of my favorite places to eat because it is a family-friendly environment with great service and amazing food!

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The food does not take long to cook, and even if it did, it would be worth the wait. The Belgian waffle tastes best when it comes with light and fluffy whipped cream and fresh raspberries, making it burst with flavor!

The tanginess of the raspberries, the sweetness of the whipped cream, and the doughiness of the waffle — all that flavor comes equally together to make the perfect, unimaginable waffle.

The waffle is light brown and looks and tastes perfectly cooked, and it’s made to almost melt in people’s mouths. Every bite becomes a whole different experience.

When the food comes to the table, it is mouth-watering and it makes people even more hungry. So the first thing to do is not talking with family members, but it’s taking a big scrumptious bite out of the fluffy, warm waffle.

Then there is time to talk with family members.

(The Diner at 11 North Beacon, 11 North Beacon St., Watertown Square. http://www.the-diner.com/)

(To help pick the 2015 Splash of Flavor winner, cast your vote at http://tinyurl.com/3h532cs. Voting is only open until May 1, 2015.)

-– April 3, 2015–

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Splash of Flavor 2015: Belgian Waffles at The Diner at 11 North Beacon St.