Splash of Flavor 2015: Burritos at Felipe’s Taqueria

JIMENA C., Watertown Splash staff

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Felipe’s Taqueria in Harvard Square specializes in making mouth-watering Mexican food, but the best food on the menu is the burrito.

Not just any burrito though, but a delicious burrito with juicy steak, refried beans, white rice, melted shredded cheese, lettuce inside flour tortillas, and, to top it all off, sour cream.

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Take a bite from this exquisite burrito made from scratch — the sour cream is mixed together with the rest of the ingredients, giving it a savory taste. The best thing about this burrito are all of the fresh ingredients used to make it, right in front of the customer.

Not only are the employees making good food, but they are friendly, serving the customers in any way they can. The welcoming restaurant makes it better to enjoy the tasty burrito.

(Felipe’s Taqueria, 21 Brattle St., Cambridge, http://harvardsq.felipestaqueria.com/)

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-– April 3, 2015–

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