Splash of Flavor 2015: Double Chocolate Donut at Ohlin’s Bakery

KEVIN C., Watertown Splash staff

Eating a double chocolate donut from Ohlin’s Bakery is a stomach-filling experience.

Ohlin’s is an old-school bakery located on 456 Common St. in Belmont. Walking into this small store fills a nose with the smell of delicate pastries. The aroma is amazing and will make people happy to wait in long lines.

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The flavor is chocolate to the max. This donut isn’t dry, like commercial-brand donuts. An Ohlin’s donut is sweet.

When it comes to donuts, the choices seem endless. Coconut. Butternut crunch. Glazed. Old-fashioned. Sugared. Chocolate frosted. Boston creme. And $1.39 is a fine price for heaven.

“That donut has explosive flavor. The glossy glaze is a fine touch to this delicacy,” said a recurring customer.

Since Ohlin’s is a bakery, it doesn’t only have donuts. There’s a special case for sugary treats, such as, gingerbread men, customized cupcakes, and cannolis filled to order.

Ohlin’s bakers make donuts daily so that they are a guaranteed fresh, so don’t ever worry about biting into a hard two-day-old donut. Some seasonal donuts come and go, but the double chocolate is set forever. (I hope.)

Walking into this store in the afternoon can show how many people like a type of donut. Some trays are half-empty, some are almost full, and some, like the double chocolate donut, have only a few left.

It’s hard to come across such a bakery in a lifetime. Commercial bakeries are a few miles apart from each other. This bakery is like hitting the jackpot.

(Ohlin’s Bakery, 456 Common St., Belmont. 617-484-0274)

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-– April 3, 2015–