Splash of Flavor 2015: Fried Dough Bites at Big Daddy’s

HALEY S., Watertown Splash staff

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The fried dough bites at Big Daddy’s in Brighton are more than just fried dough.

They are covered in soft powdered sugar with warm, but not too sweet, butterscotch. The cinnamon is barely noticeable, but still they are not loaded with it, just lightly coated.

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Big Daddy’s uses the same dough that it uses to make pizza crust. When anyone take a bite out of it they can taste the richness and the heart and soul of this dish. It is one of its best desserts on the menu. A small order costs $5.25 and a large costs $7.25.

The dough is golden brown; there are no imperfections at all. The powdered sugar is nice, fluffy, and soft. The butterscotch is sweet, melted, and creamy.

Everyone can see that on the menu the bites are loved by the Phantom Gourmet and many more food reviewers. The small pieces are crunchy and fun to eat while the bigger ones are softer like fluffy pillows. Just think richness and fluffiness of the bites — they are mouth-watering in every way.

The bites are  warm and delectable and cannot be beaten by any other food. These are awesome and everyone will love them — even those picky eaters. Just thinking of them will make anyone hungry. Just to bite into them is awesome.

When people open up the box, the bites smell wonderful and mouth-watering smells.

Get to Big Daddy’s and get the fried dough bites no matter what. They will rock a consumer’s world and will bring any family together. It is impossible to hate these little bits of heaven.

(Big Daddy’s, 436 Western Ave., Brighton, http://bigdaddyspizza.biz/)

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-– April 3, 2015–

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Splash of Flavor 2015: Fried Dough Bites at Big Daddy’s