Splash of Flavor 2015: Soft-serve ice cream at Celebrity Pizza

SAJJAD K., Watertown Splash staff

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Summer.  One of my favorite seasons. The days are beautiful and it’s really warm. On those days I do all sort of stuff, like going to the beach or reading a book on my balcony. My favorite is going to the park and playing soccer with my friends.

One day when my friends and I were playing soccer, we got really tired and sweaty from the hot sun and from running all day long, so we decided to stop and take a rest. As we sat and were talking, I brought up the idea of going to Celebrity Pizza and getting some ice cream. We all agreed and walked to the restaurant.

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There we stood in line and waited for our turn. As we waited, we could smell the ice cream and that made us all impatient. Finally our turn came and we finally ordered the kind of ice cream each of us wanted.

As my friends ordered, I saw an ice cream I had never seen before in my friend’s hand. I asked him what kind of ice cream it was and he said it was vanilla and chocolate with sprinkles. I thought that sounds tasty, and I gave it a shot.

We all sat outside on chairs under a big umbrella.  As I took my first lick, the mountain of soft, rich, creamy flavor combined with vanilla, chocolate, and the sprinkles melted on my tongue. That was the first time I had tasted something so good.

I got impatient and ate my whole ice cream. I was done before my friends, and they were all surprised at how fast I ate my ice cream. When we were all finished we returned back to play soccer.

 (Celebrity Pizza,  684 Mount Auburn St., Watertown. http://www.celebritypizzainc.com/)

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-– April 3, 2015–

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Splash of Flavor 2015: Soft-serve ice cream at Celebrity Pizza