Splash of Flavor 2015: Steak Tips at The Mad Raven

ALEX E., Watertown Splash staff

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There’s a new pub in Waltham and it’s called the Mad Raven. It’s a great place to eat with the family, even for the young ones.

Families say that the steak tips are the best item, by far. A customer says, “Here the steak tips are very good and I would happily order them again.’’

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The Mad Raven has booths with cushion seats, and a bar to get away for an hour. It is a very Irish pub. On the walls are signed jerseys from hurling, rugby, and football teams. There are also a couple of funny posters, like one with a cop and an ostrich. Also, when it’s time for the NFL playoffs, the staff puts a banner that says “Patriot” over “Raven”

There’s a parking lot across the street, so nobody has to take a sweat walking down. The Mad Raven has very nice bartenders. One is named Willie and another named Maurice, and both are from the Republic of Ireland. The chef, Marcio, is very nice to everybody, and sometimes he’ll bring the food out himself and give the younglings a good thought.

The Mad Raven has a great menu. The steak tips are delicious. They have a soft, thick steak sauce with meaty, juicy steak. Get the side of fries that are fleshy and delicious. Dip them in the steak sauce. Most lads go to heaven after tasting that.

Also the menu offers delicious onion rings that aren’t like any ordinary onion rings. Noooo! They have a hard coating so each bite makes a crunching sound. They make it sound like a bite into a Kit Kat.

Make sure to stop by, especially during the weekend when there are 10 Premier League matches from Saturday to Monday.

  (The Mad Raven, 841 Main St., Waltham, http://www.ravenpubs.com/madravens/index.php)

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-– April 3, 2015–

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Splash of Flavor 2015: Steak Tips at The Mad Raven