Tennis, teaching are labors of love for Cedrone

Eighth-grade science teacher at Watertown Middle School set to retire after more than 30 years

Dan Cedrone, longtime science teacher at Watertown Middle School, is set to retire after more than 30 years.

Dan Cedrone, longtime science teacher at Watertown Middle School, is set to retire after more than 30 years.

Dan Cedrone, longtime science teacher at Watertown Middle School, is set to retire after more than 30 years.

NIKI H., Watertown Splash staff

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There is a point in every person’s career that it must come to an end. For most, it is a bittersweet time. Dan Cedrone, who is retiring as an eighth-grade science teacher at Watertown Middle School, is making the best of it.

Mr Cedrone has been teaching for more than 30 years, all the way back when there were two junior high schools in Watertown, a school where the WMS auditorium is, and when an elementary school was connected to it.

When you’ve been working for decades, it is obvious to see some changes over time. He mentioned that the change in technology was an obvious one, but his connection with kids has never changed.

“I won’t remember the classes, but I will remember the kids,” he said.

Mr. Cedrone got his start teaching at a private school in Boston, recalling that he was frightened on his first day teaching ever.

Over the span of his career, Mr. Cedrone was able to recall some of his proudest moments and even a few crazy ones. For 10 years straight, Mr. Cedrone was able to take a whopping 2,000 kids on a research boat in Boston for 2.5 hours. He also has attended the Washington, D.C., trip for 10 years, even helping organize the trip many times.

Some of Mr. Cedrone’s favorite moments are on the tennis court, since he plays competitive tennis year-round. His love of tennis has helped him be the coach of the boys’ varsity tennis team for 20 years at Watertown High.

A crazy moment was a trip to Mount Monadnock that he organized. He indicated how taking 200 kids up a 30,000-foot high mountain was a challenge for not only them, but the teachers.

He said he enjoyed getting to know his students and connecting with kids 1-on-1 while teaching. He describes himself as a “people person” and, even if he wasn’t a teacher, he would definitely be working with young people or kids.

Now that Mr. Cedrone isn’t waking up early to teach every morning, the biggest question is how he’s going to spend all of his free time. He says there’s definitely going to be no idle days, and will be doing plenty of activities. He’s said he will continue to be on the tennis court and coach the team, something that has been part of his life for a long time.

He mentioned that he will enjoy spending more time with his family, more specifically his grandchildren and wife.

“My grandchildren are 9, 6, and 4. They live across the street and they’ll run over to my house,” he said.

Mr. Cedrone and his wife have been married for 46 years and they enjoy ballroom dancing together. He also described how he is excited to learn a musical instrument.

“I have a beautiful piano at my house, and over the summer I’m taking acoustic guitar lessons,” he said.

To any teacher starting out, Mr Cedrone is a pro at giving advice to them. He says the best piece of guidance he could give to a novice teacher is to make the abstract science understandable and concrete for students.

As Mr Cedrone leaves Watertown Middle School, his legacy stays. He would like to be remembered as friendly to kids, dedicated, and always there.

“I’m going to miss the faculty, the students, and the school,’’ he said.

–June 25, 2015–


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Tennis, teaching are labors of love for Cedrone