Knowledge flows on field trip to Charles River

MARYKATE M., Watertown Splash staff

On Friday, Oct. 16, Cluster 4 seventh-graders took a trip to the Charles River for their different classes.

The students left Watertown Middle School after homeroom and walked to the river. They worked in groups of three and did activities around the river.

For English, they had to write haikus based on what they saw around the river.

For humanities, they compared and contrasted what the river looks like now vs. what it looked like on an 1829 map.

For science, the students took the temperature of the water and also wind speed, then measured the amount of PH in the water.

Mrs. Lorigan, a seventh-grade humanities teacher, was one of the organizers and participants. She said she was excited to make connections of the ancient history and what the river area looks like now.

“It’s a way to get out of the classroom,” she said. “The rain made it a bit challenging, but I was very impressed with the kids because there was very little complaining.”

She also said the students are going to take the trip again this school year so that they can see the river in different seasons.

Alythea Mckinney from Critical Explorers worked with Ms. Lorigan, Mr. McDermott, and Ms. McDonagh to develop a curriculum for water and they came up with the trip together.

“My role in this was I found and printed the maps and handouts,’’ she said. “I think it went very well and the students really enjoyed it.”

–Dec. 7, 2015–