Learning to say ‘Hello!’

Watertown Middle School welcomes Laila Sadeddin as its new Arabic teacher

SANA R., Watertown Splash staff

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Laila Sadeddin is the new Arabic teacher at Watertown Middle School this year.

Laila Sadeddin is the new Arabic teacher at Watertown Middle School this year.

“She teaches in a way that makes you want to learn,” says seventh-grader Rita Hackett about the new Arabic teacher at Watertown Middle School.

Laila Sadeddin, 22, was born in Cambridge and lives in Medford. She went to Suffolk University and taught last year in Medford. Ms. Sadeddin really loves to teach, and she already has a lot of experience with it, too!

Ms. Sadeddin chose WMS because she saw that there was a job opening, she loves teaching, and she knew that Watertown was a really great community. Better yet, Ms. Sadeddin knows how to speak really great Arabic, and so the job was perfect for her.

“I especially love the diversity of the kids, the different cultures, and clothing,” she says. “It’s amazing!”

Ms.Sadeddin says she used to teach geography, and now teaches Saturday and Sunday school for Arabic.

You would think that an Arabic teacher probably spoke Arabic all of their life, but that’s not the case with Ms.Sadeddin. In middle and high school, there was not the opportunity to take Arabic, like students have at WMS, so, instead, Ms. Sadeddin took Italian.

Hopefully the new Arabic teacher will be a big hit, as she is right now.

–Dec. 8, 2015–

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Learning to say ‘Hello!’