Gamers excited to see how future will play out

GABRIEL T., Watertown Splash staff

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     Ever since the Playstation 4 and Xbox One have been brought out to selected stores, gaming has never been any more exciting. If you’ve seen the graphics of a particular game on one of the consoles, you know that game graphics are going to be astounding in the future!

    And for “Fallout 4” — it couldn’t come out soon enough!

    “Just imagine the graphics — on games like these — in the future,” says Aaron P., an eighth-grade student at Watertown Middle School, “It’s only  2015; the graphics in the future? [It’s going to be like] real life.”

    Aaron mentioned Oculus Rift, a virtual reality type device which seems to transport players into video games, and the Virtuix Omni, which is technology that makes players seem as if they are really using their legs to move.

    “Combine the two together and you actually feel like you’re in the game,” he says.

    On Nov. 10, 2015, “Fallout 4” came out. Many people around the world were overly hyped for this game, not only because the gameplay includes loads of interesting features, but because the graphics are insane!

    “I am interested in seeing the details put into games like these, especially ‘Fallout 4’,” says Evan B., another eighth-grade WMS student. “I am a fan of the ‘Fallout’ series.”

    Now, you might have no idea what “Fallout 4” is, because maybe you’re not a video game person to begin with. “Fallout 4” is an action role-playing game from Bethesda Game Studios. “Fallout 4” consists of both first- and third-person perspective. (First-person being seeing the world through the character’s eyes, and third-person being a perspective that allows you to see the whole character’s body.)

    “Fallout 4” is an excellent example of astonishing game graphics, which proves the point, showing how game graphics have significantly increased in detail.

    In reality, you need to play these games to experience the amazing graphics. Nothing can really describe current generation of video games. You need to play the games yourself.

     If you haven’t yet, but really want to, you’re going to need to burn a lot of money. The Playstation 4 and Xbox One aren’t so cheap. No, not at all.

–Dec. 13, 2015–

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