A summer to remember

Watertown Splash staff

“I went off a ramp on my bike, but instead of a clean landing, I rode straight on my front tire for about five seconds then Flipped! Over my handlebars! Funny, but ouch!”

This is what Chris, a student at Watertown High School, will remember from the summer of 2010.

Nina and Frankie will remember the summer of 2010 because they went to a Justin Bieber concert in Providence. Frankie lost her voice and both girls loved it.

Norah and Paul Day went to Canada to visit Norah’s parents. She said she will always remember the summer of 2010 it because it was the last time she would visit them in the house her mother grew up in.

A lot happened this summer. The reporters from the Watertown Splash interviewed dozens of people and asked them to finish this sentence: “I’ll always remember the summer of 2010 because …” Here are some of their answers:

I went to New York City for the first time in my life. — Marie P.

I went to Michigan over the summer. — Erin H.

Because I went to Martha’s Vineyard. — Emily

This is the summer I skated with my friends almost every day. We skated in Boston, which is my favorite place, and neighboring towns of Watertown. I had so much fun with my friends this summer. — Tyler, 13

I went to the beach with my family a lot and got really tan. I also played a lot of Xbox 360 (mainly Modern Warfare). — Evan, 13

This summer I always slept in and watched TV. I didn’t really do anything, except the required books. — Will, 13.

I biked a lot with my friends and family. I also went to biking camp, which I had a lot of fun doing. — Vincent, 14.

I went to camp and hung out with my amigos. — Sam C.

I went to Camp Groton Wood. I made many new friends and had a blast. Camp has never been this much fun before! — Kendra

I played tennis for two weeks then went to sleepaway camp and saw all my friends. — Ari

I met Barack Obama in Maine. — Aunt Kathy

Meeting Doc Rivers and Magic Johnson. — Katelyn Rourke

Because I got a new car after 13 years. — Grandma

My friends came down to my Maine house. — Allie

Going on vacation with my family. — Molly

I will always remember it because I went to Syria to visit my mom and my brother and relatives. — Mom

Because I spent every day doing my physics packet and went to Bermuda. — Marianna

I read the summer reading book “Peak” by Roland Smith. Great adventure of a 14-year-old boy climbing to the top of Everest, 29,000 feet in the clouds. — Matt L.

Because I jumped off a bridge with friends Emily and Katherine. — Katie

That’s when my son got married. The smile on my son’s face made me happier than ever, and to see my lovely daughter-in-law move in with us. — Sara

This is when my son was born and me and my wife got to spend three months with him. — Roberto, 29

That’s when I got to see my nephew for the first time in the hospital. When I got to hold him for the first time, it felt very nice being an aunt. — Molly

Hearing whales sing as they come up from the water during a whale watch, and letting my first child go to sleepaway camp for the first time. — Lori McCall

It was my first summer spending time with my new puppy Jack, which is a Boston terrier. — Kate

Three of my friends came to the Cape with me and there was a 26-foot long shark. — Adeline C.

I will always remember the first time I saw a bear in North Haverhill. Also, blueberry picking was fun, too. And I had fun at Six Flags. — Auntie Bibi

I was finally tall enough to ride my first Twist roller coaster in Six Flags Lake George. — Lauren

Jaime and I were able to ride the Slingshot together. we were dropped from 175 feet in the air. we were told it’s just like jumping out of a plane. It was amazing! — Sydney

I traveled to Bermuda’s — I say world’s! — most phenomenal beach ever! Horseshoe Bay. Pool water, great waves, and, my favorite … Pink! Sand! — T.J.

During the week of July 30 to the 6th of August I took an enormous cruise all the way to the magnificent Clearwater Bermuda, and snorkeled. A life-changing experience! — Dad

I discovered a new pool in Newton, Mass.: The Gath. They’ve got a huge water slide, two 8-foot long diving boards into 12-foot water, plus it’s about 50 feet long and 40 feet wide. — Santino

I went to Stoddard, N.H., with my pals Matt and David. We met these nutty people who tried to convince us that they owned our property. Is that even possible? — Jake

It was the hottest, driest summer in 22 years. it made taking care of the golf course I’m in charge of very difficult! — Dad Because the weather was so hot and beautiful, we had lots of pool parties and a great trip to Bermuda. — Carolyn Tolman

I went to New Hampshire and had a great time with my cousins — Katie M.

I will always remember this summer because I went on a cruise with my best friend Lyndsay! — Julia Tolman

Horseback riding and folk dancing on Cape Cod. — Eva Pimlott

Learned to swim under water. — Tim McCall

I went on a jetski and I went down the Cape every weekend. — Kayla

I took an 18-hour ride to Canada and I spent 10 days there with my whole family, but the best part was climbing to the top of the waterfall. — Karina

I spent a lot of time at my house in New Hampshire with my family and friends, and had Christmas in August with my husband’s family. — Cheryl

I spent a lot of time at my childhood home while helping my mother move to her new house in Lexington. — Michelle

I’ll always remember hiking down Canon Mountain with my dad over 2,000 feet. Even though it was hard, I am happy I did it with my dad. — Elizabeth

Going to Oklahoma with family. — Hannah Cook

I went to Santa’s Village with my family and Emily. — Katherine D.

I got a laptop for my birthday and I got to spend a lot of time with my good friends. — Hannah M.

This is when I got my first waiting job. It was very exciting and nerve-wracking for me. — Arthur, 22

My baseball team won the league championship in a 4-3 win i the final game of the championships. My team had lost in the finals the year before, making it even more special for the kids who were on that team. — Amin

I went to South Africa and me and my family went to a safari. — Cousin Sarah

Because I went on a cruise to Bermuda with my best friend Katherine. — Leah S.

Going to Canada to see Niagara Falls. — Liana A.

Going to Water Country with my best friend Katherine and also going to the beach with Hannah and Katherine where the waves were ginormous! — Warren Tolman

(Story reported and written by Watertown Splash staff reporters Jaime A., Erik B., Emily C., Rebecca C., Molly D., Katherine D., Mariyam F., Eric F., Sergio G., Emily H., Rebecca H., Olivia K., Christa K., Sarah L., Hannah M., Bridget N., Mikayla P., Sarah R., Cameron R., Jake R., Melissa R., Leah. S., Katherine T., Amin T., and Nina Z.)

–Sept. 23, 2010–