Students have high marks for Eleanor Donato

Eleanor Donato’s former students have really gotten to know what she’s like as a person. For many of her students, she has inspired them to work hard, love learning, and serve the community.

Mrs. Donato, a sixth-grade world geography teacher at Watertown Middle School, is retiring this June.

“She made me interested in learning about the world,” said eighth-grader Toni Carton who had Mrs. Donato in sixth grade.

Seventh-grader Emily LeBlanc had Mrs. Donato in sixth grade and was taught world geography.

“I really liked Mrs. Donato because she taught in a very fun and enthusiastic way, and it’s very sad to see her go,” she said.

Mrs. Donato runs the Pennies For Patients drive at WMS. Her homeroom always raised a lot of money for the drive.

“My favorite memory of Mrs. Donato was when we won for making the most money out of all the homerooms, and we got to have a pizza and ice cream party,” Emily said. “It was so much fun.”

Seventh-grader Hrachya Tonyan said, “She is a good teacher and she is very caring. My favorite memory was when she brought in donuts for Pennies for Patients.”

Mrs. Donato has worked at Watertown Middle School for some 28 years and has had about 3,000 students. One of those students is Grace Darmody, now a seventh-grader at WMS. She thinks Mrs. Donato is “down to Earth” and someone who “made me think about the world.”

Rita Hackett, also a seventh-grader, thinks Mrs. Donato “knew what she was talking about,” and thought she “taught in a fun way.”

Mrs. Donato teaches in a way that engages the students so that they are eager to learn. Her former students say that “she teaches in a creative way” and “she is fun but when it is time to work she takes it seriously.”

Mrs. Donato treats her students as if they are her own kids and makes them feel comfortable. Eighth- grader Rose Muldrew said “she’s just an overall good teacher.”

When asked about the impact Mrs.Donato had, seventh-grader Katrin Mikaelyan answered, “She taught me a lot and it helped me. She was very nice and helpful to me.”

Seventh-grader Isaiah Bardowell-Jobson had a very similar answer. “Mrs. Donato was a very nice teacher that was very helpful and did a lot for the school,” he said.

Many students’ parents and other relatives have had Mrs. Donato when they were in school. And she is still affecting their lives in a positive way today. Aaron Panchu, an eighth-grader, said, “She pushed me to put my effort into what I do.”

Eighth-grader Jack Edgely said, “She made me interested in geography and history, unlike any teachers before her. I think I would describe her as devoted and diligent. If a student is falling behind or just needs help, she will always make sure that they feel comfortable and caught up compared to the rest of the class.”

Mrs. Donato is one of the most involved people with the school’s fund-raisers and community service. Without her some of the biggest fundraisers like Pennies for Patients wouldn’t be as big of a success. She has inspired us all to serve our town, our community, and our world.

–April 2, 2016–