‘I’m lucky enough to see her almost everyday’

Watertown Middle School stronger because of the Donato family connection

“I’ve been a mama’s boy my whole life,” says Brian Donato.

Mr. Donato is a special ed teacher at Watertown Middle School. He has worked there for almost 14 years along with his mother, sixth-grade world geography teacher Eleanor Donato.

However, that will soon no longer be the case with Mrs. Donato retiring at the end of this school year. Being able to work with your parents is really a privilege, but not many people see it that way when they are younger. But as children and their parents get older sometimes they start seeing each other less and less frequently. Mr. Donato knows he has had this privilege.

“I’m lucky enough to see her almost everyday. It’s nice,” he said. While Mr. Donato works with his mom everyday, his twin brother Anthony works with his father everyday at a law firm.

“My parents always used to say, ‘We bring the kids to work with us,’ ” he said.

    Mr. Donato believes his mother has made a huge impact on the school, an impact that you can never truly measure. He thinks it’s nice hearing her former students sharing about how she has made a difference in their lives and changed them in a positive way.

    Besides taking care of her classes, Mrs. Donato runs many of the biggest fund-raisers at Watertown Middle School. Many of the teachers have stepped up and offered to take over some of the activities.

    “I don’t think I have a choice: I’m almost definitely running Pennies for Patients,” Mr. Donato said.

    Mr. Donato’s family is very much a reflection of his mom. They’re all caring, and are driven to do well and serve each other.

    Mr. Donato says that he doesn’t just have one favorite memory of Mrs. Donato. However, he think it’s nice when she gets recognized for what’s she done.  A very proud moment was when the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society recognized her by giving her an award to recognize her for all the hard work she has done to help.

    “School without Mrs. Donato is definitely going to be weird for me, and I think Mr. Carter’s is going to be in trouble,” he said.

     The incoming sixth-graders will definitely be missing out.

–April 4, 2016–