WMS science teacher having fun time exploring new job

Sidrah Khan and Martin Tibets

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Where is the teacher that used to be in Room AG12 in Cluster 6? Who is that woman who is teaching the science class?

Tegan Condon is the new science teacher at Cluster 6. Mr. Cedrone retired last year and Ms. Condon is taking his place.

Ms. Condon had many jobs before becoming a teacher at Watertown Middle School.

“I have done many things,” she said. “I did outdoor education, I worked at a bakery, and I worked on science research.”

She also taught outdoor education where she took kids hiking and worked on science projects for an organization called Nature’s Classroom.

Ms. Condon went to Harvard. There, she got her degree in Earth Sciences and a masters in Education.

When Ms. Condon was asked about what inspired her to become a science teacher, she replied, “I love learning new things and I want to help other people learning them, too.”

“What do I like most? I like getting to use materials and see what’s happening instead of reading about it.”

The job Ms. Condon got is what, she says, is an everyday adventure.

“My students have more questions than I can answer,” she said.

She said she loves that her students want to learn more and show curiosity toward what they’re learning.

Eighth-grader Catherine Hickey, a student of Ms. Condon’s class, said she likes what she is learning, like for example, the theory of how the atom evolved. Students in Ms. Condon’s science class really learn a lot of cool stuff like what Catherine has learned so far.

Eighth-grader Divya Mannan said, “I like how we do projects. It’s very fun and you can express your creativity.”

There might have been a lot of projects, but Divya’s favorite took place at the beginning of the year.

“I liked when we made a poster for our photosynthesis unit,” she said. “I liked it because we had a free choice of what we could do for our project and be as creative as we want.”

According to the students, they seem to be really enjoying their science class because Ms. Condon makes it fun and interesting.

–April 9, 2016–

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