Sub likes Watertown Middle School environment

Lianne Mokfienski Ramos filling in while Heather Smith out on maternity leave

Shabnam Begum, Watertown Splash staff

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Uh-oh! Ms. Smith left to have her baby. Who is this new science teacher in that’s substituting for her Cluster 3 class now?

Meet Ms. Ramos, a creative and talented teacher. Since Ms. Smith is out for a few months, Ms. Ramos is taking her place.

Ms. Ramos’s full name is Lianne Mokfienski Ramos, and she’s from Brazil, which means she speaks Portuguese.

She graduated college in 2002 and after graduating she worked as an environmental scientist.

Along with being an environmental scientist, she is also a biologist. She taught in a bilingual school in Brazil and moved to Watertown at the end of 2013. In 2011, Ms. Ramos returned to education and teaching, but she still loves biology.

“I love biology because I want to make this place a better place to live in,” she says. “And if people are passionate about environmental sciences, then they understand we are part of the environment, and make better choices for the future.”

She is really happy to be teaching in the Watertown Middle School, as this is her first time teaching in the United States.

Ms. Ramos is very excited to teach all the students she has, and the students in Cluster 3 enjoy spending time with her.

–April 10, 2016–

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