New WMS librarian has world of information

Sabreena Shah, Watertown Splash staff

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Leah Maroni-Wagner is the new librarian at Watertown Middle School. She loves to read, loves helping other people, and loves to talk about books.

“The best part of my job is helping students find books and also when people tell me about the books they love,” she says.

Ms. Maroni-Wagner graduated from Simmons College near Fenway Park. She was born in Boston and raised in Bedford and Acton. As of now, she lives in Arlington.

Ms. Maroni-Wagner’s two-part last name does have a meaning, it’s not just for fun. Her parents think that women’s names are just as important as men’s. Maroni is her mother’s last name and Wagner is her father’s last name.

Ms. Maroni-Wagner loves to travel. She has traveled and lived in many different places. She lived in Spain for a year and China for three years.

Ms. Maroni-Wagner say that the worst part about working at the library is dealing with the printer and copier jams.

“My favorite part of teaching is the fun school environment,’’ she says. “It is very crazy and I love it. The kids here are awesome!”

If you ever need help finding a book, you know who to find.

–April 11, 2016–

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