Abundance of twins deserve a second look

Julian Reyes, Watertown Splash staff

Twins often think alike. Even if they don’t look the same, they can be the same. They can even be opposite genders and still act the same.

PJ and David Farwell are twins. Unlike some twins, PJ is a girl and David is a boy. But like most twins they share similar views, like when asked about how they get along they both answered, “We sometimes fight for no reason.”

Even though they fight, they enjoy each other’s company, too.

“I like having a twin because whenever I’m bored I have someone,” PJ said.

Then David said, “We don’t have to be alone on my birthday.”

Shabnam Begum (girl) and Waqas Khan (boy) are twins also, and are also different genders. They have the same view on certain things, like when they were asked if they get along. They both answered, “No, we barely fight because we rarely talk.”

They also answered the exact same thing when asked what their favorite part of being a twin is: “Nothing really. It is the same as having a brother or sister.”

–April 12, 2016–