“The Sound of Music” sounds like fun

Auditions begin this week for Watertown Middle School’s annual play

What is this year’s play at Watertown Middle School, you may ask? WMS is putting on “The Sound Of Music,” coming this March. It all begins Tuesday, Nov. 1, with auditions.

“The Sound of Music” was a heart-warming movie made in 1965 and has been performed as a musical ever since. “The Sound of Music” is based of a real-life Von Trapp family during World War II. Maria, a bubbly nun, becomes the governess in the home of a widower with seven children and brings love and music into their lives once again.

Abby Casey will direct the play. She will hold auditions on Tuesday, Nov. 1, and Thursday, Nov. 3. She is the person to see if people have questions or what to participate in any way.

Sixth-grader Bridget Donohue has performed at the PBT (Priscilla Beach Theater)  and sometimes WCT (Watertown Children’s Theater). She said she would like a supporting role in “The Sound of Music.”

“I have performed in ‘Beauty and the Beast, ‘Annie,’ ‘Charlotte’s Web,’ and others,” she said.

Sixth-grader Shannon Fitzpatrick has performed in many musicals and plays, such as ‘Annie,’ ‘Raining Cats and Dogs,’ and many more. What was she most excited about? She stated, “For the fun of acting and I am also excited to meet new people.”

Don’t worry if you’re don’t like to be on stage! You can always help out backstage or with sets and costumes! Eighth-grader Ryan Leonard helped out last year in the WMS production of “The Lion King.”

“I liked working backstage and in the sound booth because you could really watch the play come together scene after scene and prop after prop,” he said.

He also mentioned he might want to help out again this year.

Eighth-grader Christina Zouein was an actress in WMS’s previous production of “Peter Pan.”

She was asked, “What’s some advice you would give upcoming students to encourage them to audition for this year’s musical?”

Christina said, “It was an amazing experience to perform in front of my classmates and school,” she said. “I also would suggest auditioning because it was a great way to interact and meet new people, not only in your grade, but other grades as well.”

–Nov. 1, 2016–