Snapchat leads all apps conversations

Millicent Abboud, Watertown Splash staff

Do you know what sixth- and seventh-graders’ favorite app is at Watertown Middle School?

Isabella, a seventh-grader, said her favorite app was Snapchat. Isabella owns an iPhone and recently got iOS 10. Snapchat is an app that many people, including famous people, use to connect with their friends. You can send pictures back and forth, but you can only see them for a limited amount of time.

“It’s cool because you see the snap, then it disappears in 10 seconds,” she said.

You have to be really careful with Snapchat, because unknown people can add you. They could pose as someone else and if you send a snap to them, they could take a screenshot of the snap and potentially post it online.

Eden, a sixth-grader, also owns an iPhone and got iOS 10. She said her favorite app was also Snapchat.

“It’s good, depending on how you use it,” she said.

One seventh-grade boy named Fred said he used Snapchat the most because “It’s nice because you can just be yourself when using it.”

Snapchat can also give you other features such as drawing on your snaps or writing text on it. This gives your imagination endless possibilities to change how a normal snap of yourself looks like, for example, of yourself on a rainbow.

Colin, a seventh-grader, didn’t exactly choose a social media app, he chose Madden Mobile as his favorite.

“It’s cool how you can buy your own football characters and play games with other people,” he said.

Other favorite apps are YouTube (mostly for watching videos) and Instagram. Some students chose games. The most popular game for sixth-graders was Temple Run 2.

“It’s really good to use on your free time,” said Naomi, a sixth-grader.

The Temple Run games have been downloaded by millions of people. In it, you choose a character to steal something from an ancient temple and run away from gorillas. It’s very addictive and a lot of people enjoy playing it.

Other favorite apps mentioned included iMessage, Wattpad, Stick Ninja, Geometry Dash, and Doodle Jump.

–March 1, 2017–