Field hockey wins the title of best fall sport

Delanie Lombard, Watertown Splash staff

     Field hockey is HUGE in Watertown. It’s also probably the best fall sport you can do.

     Field hockey let’s you stay in shape and helps you with running. At Watertown Middle School, we also have the best sports coach you can ever have, Lauren Hegarty-Tattrie (Coach H). She helps us with all of our skills and pushes us to be our best.

     We have practice or a game everyday. We first run and then we do stretching. After that, we have skills and sometimes we have scrimmages. Practices help all of us and we always improve from the start of the season to the end. Field Hockey goes from September to early November.

     The reason field hockey is better than any of the other fall sports is because we have a great coach and program, but we also have one of the best teams ever. We all support each other and we encourage each other to be the best we can be. This season we all had so many laughs with each other and memories were made everyday. It’s the best environment you could be in.

     Coach H was preparing us for high school field hockey, which is a big step. As I said, even though coach makes us run a lot of laps, it’s for us to be our best. Thinking of it now, we all probably became better runners and had a lot more endurance during games.

    Watertown field hockey has an unbelievable record and we have the best coaches and teammates you could possibly have.

      So if you are thinking about playing, you should. It will help you with all of your skills and your endurance. Our team will also welcome you and help you not just become a better player, but a teammate, too.

–March 22, 2017–