From Mookie to Isaiah

When it comes to finding a favorite athlete, their fans follow them all over the world

     A number of kids at Watertown Middle School were asked “Who is your favorite professional sports player?” The answers crossed many sports and many teams.

      Colin Campbell, Vincent Wolff, and Nathan Master said Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks was their favorite. Nathan said, “He’s the greatest of all time at hockey,” while Colin added “I like his style of play.”

     Liam Connolly and Michael Cormier said their favorite players where football players Demarco Murray and Von Miller. “Helps with fantasy points and great athletic ability,” they said.

     Adrian Alvarez said, “I like Steph Curry because I think he is the best shooter ever.”

     Noelle Skillman and Ben Heep said the Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas and the Thunder’s Russell Westbrook were their favorites, saying, “[Thomas is] really good considering his size [5 feet 9 inches].”

     Jesse Cavarretta said soccer player Raheem Sterling of Manchester City was his favorite because he is fast and has an incredible shot.

     Audrey Garland said that Alex Morgan of the US Women’s team was her favorite because she is inspirational and plays soccer just like herself.

     Jacob Deveikas and Delanie Lombard liked two players from the Red Sox: David Ortiz and Mookie Betts.