Teaching photography clicks with her

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     There is a new elective at Watertown Middle School this year for seventh- and eighth-graders: photography.

     This is Heather Smith’s first year teaching photography. She was asked to teach the class by WMS principal Kimo Carter. Ms. Smith currently teaches seventh-grade science for Cluster 3.

     When asked what class she likes to teach the most, her answer was “Science because I love science.”

     Many students look up to Ms. Smith. She is one of the teachers that students consider more chill. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall and has medium-length blonde hair. She has just given birth last year to her son, Blake.

     Her photography class is an introductory course. Students are able to use their phones to take pictures for the class. Ms. Smith trusts her students to use their phones responsibly.

     “The class approaches digital photography from a practical viewpoint, while artistic elements are discussed,” she said. “It’s a fun way to get involved in the art while enjoying your own personal interests.”

     As a student  Ms. Smith didn’t have the opportunity to take a photography class like this one when she was in seventh and eighth grade. She found her passion while a senior in high school.

     Ever since, photography has been one of her favorite activities.

    When she couldn’t participate in sports anymore, she decided to stay involved by taking pictures.

    Ms. Smith is really happy with her new photography class because she is teaching something else that she loves.

–April 14, 2017–

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