Eighth-graders anxious, eager about coming move up to Watertown High

Caiden Kiani, Watertown Splash staff

In two months, the eighth-graders of Watertown Middle School will be moving on to their first year of high school. Or, as eighth-grader, Sabreena Shah put it, “We are entering the next phase in life.”

Many eighth-graders are very worried, but they are also very excited.     

Many said they were worried about the workload at the high school.

“I’m worried that I won’t be able to keep up with the homework,” Xander Watson said.

Others said they wouldn’t have any free time, or they won’t have enough time to finish all of it.

Students have plans to lessen the workload.

Eighth-grader Irene Kandilas said, “I will start studying more.”

Solutions also included writing in their agendas and doing their homework right when they get home.

Students are very worried about having new teachers with new expectations.

Eighth-grader Sam Cerqueira said, “I’m worried about having new teachers and if they will like me or not.”

Another thing eighth-graders are concerned about is class placement. They are worried that they will get classes that are too hard or too easy for them. Some people are anxious about getting classes with teachers they won’t like.

During the WMS move-up day, high schoolers advised students to make good first impressions with teachers. If you can get a teacher to like you, the class will become much easier for you.

Many eighth-graders are excited about being more independent and freer. Eighth-grader Wesley Szeto said, “At the middle school, we have very strict rules, but I heard at the high school we can use our phones.”

With more independence comes more responsibilities, so be ready.

Students are also very excited about having more classes to choose from. As Ennya Papastoitsis said, “I get to have more choices in my education.”

Students love being able to choose the classes that they will enjoy.

Finally, multiple eighth-graders said that they are excited about the new sports opportunities at the high school.

“At the high school, they have wrestling, unlike the middle school,” said Jeremy Herrera.

High school is going to be a big change from middle school, but the current eighth-graders at WMS have what it takes to be successful.

–April 24, 2017–