Test anxiety? Here’s how you can fix it

Irene Kandilas, Watertown Splash staff

    As a middle-schooler, there is usually stress about tests. Most people want to do well on a test, especially a midterm that counts as a huge part of your grade.

    Studying is just a part of a student’s schedule. Even though you want to work hard and get high marks, there are sports, activities, and your social and family life that get crammed in, too.

    But every middle-schooler — no matter if you’re in sixth, seventh, or eighth grade — can have afterschool activities, a social life, and high marks by using some tips and tricks from fellow students of Watertown Middle School.

    Marina G. is a WMS sixth-grader and she has some time to cram in good study habits into her busy schedule. Although she just started middle school, she still knows how to use her time wisely in order for her to be successful during a test.

   Even though jumping from elementary school to middle school is a huge leap forward into independence, she still knows how to study and stay calm for a test.

   “Before the test, I usually re-read my paper and study,” she said. “I try to not get butterflies in my stomach by taking deep breaths when the tests are being handed out.”

   She added, “Tests in sixth grade are harder, longer, and unlike elementary school tests, the problems have many parts to them.”

    Eighth-graders have more experience with taking big tests, like midterms, so they have other techniques to cope with test anxiety.

    “I feel very nervous and it’s strange how one test brings down your overall grade,” Nicole D. said. “Put on some calming music and keep your desk clean because when it’s messy it’s like having a cluttered mind.

   “Also, just rewrite everything so that the information sticks in your head easily.”

    Morgan B., another eighth-grader at WMS, also has some great advice for taking a test: “I feel very nervous and I get test anxiety. Sometimes if I go to another classroom or if a teacher is comforting, I feel less nervous while taking a test.”

    At WMS, almost all of the teachers are understanding and will probably let a student to go into another classroom if that will help lessen the anxiety, so that a student can succeed and not fall behind.

    Confidence is key while taking a test because it is a huge element in succeeding in a test. So when you’re studying or taking a test, make sure to remember these tips and tricks.

    Good luck on your next test!  

–April 25, 2017–