Watertown Week offers an ‘Amazing’ alternative

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Watertown Week, five days packed with field trips and fun activities, is an exciting time of year for many eighth-graders at Watertown Middle School. It’s an alternative to the annual Washington, D.C., trip.

Watertown Middle School teachers Elissa Willoughby and Sam Morris are organizing and leading this event. This year, they have based it off of the “Amazing Race” TV show, and every day of the week they will “visit a different continent” and compete for points in teams. The team with the most points at the end of the week wins.

The students will get to go out every day to do everything from rock climbing to watching a movie. There will be a lot of physical, construction-based, and mental challenges. They will cook new foods from different cultures, including quesadillas from South America and crepes from Europe. On the last day, they are going to Boda Borg in Malden, a series of rooms that you try to escape from by working together.

Mrs. Morris said, “Kids going should expect to have a really fun week, try new things, exercise, and take part in a lot of cool challenges.”
The teachers still have some surprises about the week that they are keeping secret.

Leticia Andrade, a WMS student who is attending Watertown week, said excitedly, “Boda Borg seems like a lot of fun!”

Another student, Arlette Shirinian, said, “I’m excited to go rock climbing because I’ve never been before.”

And everyone going is looking forward to the food.

Watertown Week is a great option for kids who aren’t going to D.C. It will be full of fun and, although they are only staying in Watertown, they will get to experience places from all around the world.

–May 2, 2017–

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