Editorial: Dress code is out of date

Emily Hart, Watertown Splash staff

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Our school dress code is fairly simple: Shorts and skirts have to be at least to mid-thigh; tank top straps have to be at least two fingers wide (the width of both your middle and index fingers together).

The reason I find this so unfair is because, just a couple of years ago, in fifth grade, our teachers didn’t control what we wore (or didn’t wear, for that matter) as long as it was appropriate for school. But now, if we’re caught with spaghetti-strap tank tops, we need to go to the main office and call our parents or guardians to get more “appropriate” clothes.

Ever since I started middle school, I haven’t been very happy about the dress code that I would have to follow. Am I the only one who finds this unfair? I don’t think that I have heard anyone complain about it, they just accept the fact that our school is telling us what we can and cannot wear.

In my opinion, it’s our life, and we should choose the way we live it, and I think that we deserve the right to wear what we want to wear.

Why does this dress code exist? Why does it matter what we wear? Is this dress code based on what most people’s religions believe is appropriate or correct to wear? From my point of view, dress codes are pretty unfair and I believe that they should not exist.

–Dec. 9, 2010–

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