Girls’ soccer kicked it up a notch

CHRISTINA M., Watertown Splash staff reporter

The Watertown Middle School girls’ soccer team ended with a fabulous record of five wins and three losses. The girls played a variety of Newton teams, including Day, Brown, and Bigelow.

Shannon C., a midfielder, said, “One team that was difficult was called Newton Day, but the rest of the time the teams were pretty easy.”

The team improved a lot from last year and played all-around better soccer.

The girls said Casey H. was a big part of the team. She was the goalie and was one of the best in the league.

Other people who made a big difference in the team were forwards Gabriella C., who scored a goal almost every game, and Kaitlin R. with her great crosses to the net.

Shannon C., Christina M., Kaylee C., Hayley S., and Jacqui R. rotated at halfback. These midfielders were fast and were great dribbling. They always were running and passing the ball up to the forwards and helping the defense.

The defense had power stoppers who swept the ball away nearly every time. This line of defenders included Sophia K., Rebecca C., Amanda P., and Nina V.

The coaches made a great impact on the team, working the players hard and pumping them up every game.

Two of the players, Shannon C. and Hayley S., had advice for the people who want to play next year. The girls both said you need to be on time to practice, and you need to have the materials (shin guards, athletic shorts, cleats, soccer socks and lots of water).

The girls are very proud of their record and hopefully the girls next year will do just as well.

–Jan. 23, 2010–