A “Real” look at bullying


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On Friday Feb. 5, Cluster 5 students, like many others, went to the Watertown Middle School auditorium to watch a movie called, “Let’s Get Real.”

The Watertown Middle School is starting a new curriculum about bullying. In an interview with the Watertown Splash, WMS principal Kimo Carter said, “The movie will give a topic to what the kids can talk about.”

Bullying is a problem for any middle school. Mr. Carter was asked what was so special about this movie and why he chose it instead of one of the others.

“I’ve seen lots of videos about bullying, but this video didn’t have grown-ups talking down to the kids, the kids told actual stories,” he said. “It really shows how bullying and teasing hurt kids.”

He explained that the school needs to work more on bystanders, that if kids stand up for each other there will be less — or maybe even no — bullying in schools.

The teachers need to be models for kids, but the older grades must also be models, too, since every year the school gets a whole new bunch of kids.

–Feb. 25, 2010–

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A “Real” look at bullying