Eighth-graders enriched by their Leadership class

During fifth period, the eighth- graders at Watertown Middle School attend their enrichment classes. There are a variety of enrichment classes but Leadership is a little more special than the others — yet not many people really know what the class does.

The Leadership class is run by humanities teacher Laura Shock and Italian teacher Angela Kuzemczak. The class has 22 students and includes all the members of the student council.

The Leadership class plays a very important role in the school and is mostly student-run. The class helps with almost all of the events in the school. They help with fund-raisers such as Coats for Kids, Pennies for Patients, and also the school dances!

“Leadership class is very responsible and it has to be this way because we have a lot of work to do,” WMS student Tim McCall says.

Since there is so much work that needs to be completed, there needs to be many students to handle all of that work. So if Leadership was an after- school club rather than a class, there would be a lot fewer students and more work for each student to handle. The class meets every other day, but they still have and abundance of things to do.

The Leadership class is a great organization to be apart of and every incoming eighth-grader should give it a go.

–April 5, 2016–