Art gets a show of support

Annual exhibit again a success, but budget threatens Watertown’s in-school programs


The annual Watertown Public schools art show had a great opening Monday, April 12, at Watertown Mall, with volunteers from the school helping serve free food (a crowd favorite). Artwork by children from pre-k to 12th grade will be on display until April 26.

Kathryn Smeglin, the Watertown Middle School art teacher, was at the mall all day Monday setting up the show with help from the art teachers from the elementary and high school.

“I loved the art show. It’s been planned all year,” she said. “My students worked really hard. Their work is getting better with every class.”

Unfortunately something bad might happen soon. Due to the town budget problems, the art programs are in danger.

“It’s truly sad, and so many kids enjoy art,” Ms. Smeglin said.

But don’t fret. There is one thing people can do to save art in Watertown: Speak up!

The town government is in charge of the funding for the school, so people who like having art taught in the schools can argue their case.

–April 13, 2010–