Those coins add up to an amazing total!

Watertown Middle School raises more than $42,000 for Pennies for Patients — breaking last year’s record by $8,000!


The rummage sale at Watertown Middle School was one of the many successful events run this year in the community as part of the Pennies for Patients fund-raiser to help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fight blood cancer.

Chloe Fandetti, Watertown Splash staff

When March comes, the Watertown community knows it’s time for Pennies for Patients! 

Pennies for Patients is a three-week fund-raiser during which schools from all over the country help the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as it tries to find cures for blood cancer.

Watertown Middle School first participated in Pennies for Patients 13 years ago. The school thought that because faculty, students, and parents had battled blood cancer in the past that this would be a great annual charity to participate in to represent Watertown.

Seventh-grader Grace Darmody says this is a great charity to do because “All the proceeds go towards finding a cure for cancer and it is a great way to bring the Watertown community together in a fun and social way for such a great cause.”

In 2004, the school raised $8,464.47. This year, WMS raised an amazing $42,874.16 — beating last year’s record amount by more than $8,000!

Though many previous years at WMS have been successful, seventh-grader Christina Zouein thinks the key this year was because “the seventh grade has so many students and the sixth-graders are new to this charity, so they want to donate and participate more.

“Everyone wants to help because we all know that it can help kids just like us all over the country survive blood cancer.”

Mrs. Donato says WMS raised the most money this year because “Instead of having a lot of little events, we focused on big, main events like the lapathon and the rummage sale.

“A lot more kids were involved this year, and they each wanted to do their part in the charity by donating and committing to the events.”

As the years go on, Mrs. Donato said she hopes for this charity to grow in the school and to help save many lives from the donations.

–April 14, 2016–