Checking in on boys’ hockey’s success at Watertown Middle School


The Watertown Middle School boys’ ice hockey team has had a great season so far with a record of 9-5. Teammates Joey Kelland, Matt Donnell, Kevin Arsenault, and Anthony Busconi talked about how their season has been going.

“Although everyone has clearly improved from last year, it is very obvious that Matt has gotten a lot more aggressive and is a lot less intimidated,” Kelland said about his teammate Donnell.

Busconi and Arsenault also agreed that Kyle Rooney has improved tons. When asked who is making a difference this season, all agreed that James Garbier definitely taken it to the next level. They also said that Kelland and Dante Flori have been recognized for their leadership and hard work.

Donnell and Busconi both said the whole team has gotten bigger, stronger, and faster. The players made it clear the Framingham has been their biggest challenge.

“They were strong and had good all-around players,” said Arsenault.

Starters are usually Kelland at center, Garbier and Flori on the wing, with Chris Usseglio and Connor Crowley on defense.

Although the team has different lines they all come together when they need each other the most.

“We’re like a family,” said Kelland.

“Teamwork is a big key to our success,” said Busconi

–Feb. 27, 2010–